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Serious or fatal emotion injuries can occur from not reading this document in advance. To prevent this situation you must acknowledge what's on the manual with the included attached pun jokes.


1How I view success

Success isn't vertical. Nor a straight path. Resiliency is the real success. Failing over and over, until you get there.

But there's more. All the winds are bad if a ship doesn't know where's heading. You need a goal, a clear one. And to focus on it.

In the software industry. You need also to find a balance between achieving your perfect goal and being quick. We work in a fast-paced world. Every minute counts, make it valuable.

Finally, there's no winning without honour. The rule is simple: if it's not right, don't do it.

2How I communicate

Right to the point. I don't like blatantly. Short yet accurate sentences. I appreciate funny messages, as well. I don't think you're more righteous if you speak more seriously.

Everything is about the content. The envelope is nice but focus on the content. Don't waste anyone's time. Make sure that you checked first.

Async and distributed over everything else. Does this need to be a meeting? Probably could be an email. Or a slack message. Rule of thumb: think about me as if I'm working from Jupiter thus real-time comms don't work.

3Things I do that may annoy you

I can be too harsh sometimes. Well, not really. I can sound too harsh. It's probably a side-effect caused by the async comms. It takes a lot for me to get angry, so don't worry about it.

I don't want to listen to opinions (if I don't ask for them). I'm driven by data only. I already have an opinion about almost anything. And I don't need another.

I have a dark sense of humour. If I offend you I'm sorry. Really I am. Please, let me know and I'll adapt my jokes to you.

4What gains and loses my trust

Loyalty is the best. Lying is the worst. I can understand almost anything. Just try to explain it. Don't lie to me.

Now, regarding day-to-day work. Taking ownership of your task is a massive trust boost. I deeply respect people with such mindset.

Does that mean that you have to work extra hours? Extra effort? Extra extra? Nope, that's bad. In my culture, such behaviour means that you need to overwork to achieve your goals. If there's something that goes bad, just be transparent. No big deal.

5My strengths

I'm thoughtful. I'm strategic and I like to plan. Having a good amount of data around me to make the right decision.

I'm also stubborn but in a good way. Since I try to not be opinionated, I have a clear focus and a well-defined goal. So, being stubborn means a better output.

I understand. Understand other problems and needs. Understand business operations and the market. Understand the context. This life is about adapting.

6My grow areas

More efficiency. I don't think I'm inefficient. But sometimes I take too many things in my basket. Thus, everything slows down a little each time. One task at a time.

Alternative thinking. Not lateral, but alternative. What is this? I hear you asking. Well, you know when you're presented with a problem. You think of a solution. And that's it. You fail to continue elaborate alternative solutions. That's something that happens to me quite often. If I don't realize it's happening then I'm usually stuck with my first thought. That's one of the reasons I love team-work so much.