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  • Scroll-based 60 fps animations


    You have seen this 60 fps scroll-based animations. Like in the new Airpods Pro from Apple. It's slick, responsive and creates a stunning visual. It's a great tool that is not that hard to implement. Wanna see how?

  • Web-safe fonts


    This story begins in 1984. Involves the major R&D companies in Silicon Valley. Machinery. Tech revolutions. And finally, the web. It's the story of the web fonts. Why are so many? And why it's so difficult to get a standard?

  • GaaS: GitHub as a Service


    In the past years, GitHub became a technology mastodon. Since the acquisition by Microsoft, the company added a myriad of outstanding features. In fact, GitHub is so powerful nowadays that it can be your all-in-all provider. You can use GitHub as a Service. Don’t believe me? Let’s go through my journey building Request For Maintainers a GitHub-only powered project.