I tend to dive into discussions about the tools used for different parts of my work, so inspired by, I've put together this "uses" page that covers every part of my setup. If you don't agree, fight me.


  • 13'' MacBook Pro, 3.1ghz dual-core i7, 16GB of RAM, Intel Iris 5100 (2014)

    There are new MBP? Yes. Do I need a new one? No. Plus, this horrendous butterfly keyboard. Finally, Apple is removing it. Tho, not yet for the 13''. And I don't even consider anything bigger than that.

  • Dell Ultrasharp U2415 24''

    Outstanding quality-price ratio. Supports vertical orientation which comes in handy when reviewing code.

  • Das Keyboard 4C TKL

    German-made mechanical keyboard. 87-keys layout of pure excellence. I use Cherry MX Blue for a noisy typing experience. The best wired mechanical keyboard in the market.

  • Ergonomic vertical mouse

    All these mouses are the same. Don't waste your money on something too expensive. The important accessory for a developer is the keyboard.

  • Razer Kiyo camera

    Meets the minimum specs to record high-quality streaming. Meaning, you get the best out from the cheapest. I had some trouble with the ring light and the power supply from the USB port. Nothing horrible but a bit cumbersome sometimes.

  • HyperX Cloud MIX

    Before you judge me: there are as many headsets as people nowadays. It's madness. Anyway, the Cloud MIX fits my requirements per-fect-ly. I'm not gonna be having different headsets for gaming and working. So, the Cloud MIX it's very good for listening to music. Great bass, has rapid Bluetooth, active noise cancellation, etc. And these are superior for gaming. They're really made for that. Worth every single penny.

  • RØDE NT microphone

    It's either this one or the Blue Yeti. Both have USB connection which means that you need to be too music nerdy to set them up. Plug and enjoy an almost-studio quality on your video calls.

  • Airpods (1st Gen)

    I bought them in 2020. Second hand. But honestly, I only need a good set and unobtrusive headset for on-the-go calls. There are others with better audio, but not with a better mic.

  • Cyxus Ayanna glasses

    I've been using blue-filter glasses since before it even a thing. My first pair were the Gunnar Onyx. Best brand, expensive as hell. Then I discover how the technology behind them works. And now I don't spend more than 30 bucks. You shouldn't neither.

  • Electric sit/stand desk

    For a normal-sized table, you only need one engine. Any brand works the same. But buy an electric one. I had a manual before and you end up not changing modes.

  • Interstuhl UPis1 100U

    Hands-down! This will remove all of your lower back pains. It's a stool (you won't have height problems with the desk I mentioned before). But the base isn't flattened. You have to stabilize yourself at any time.

  • Eames plastic chair

    Best chair ever. Worth it even only for historical reasons. This chair changed the world. Learn more about Eames design.

  • Standing desk mat

    If you're gonna spend a fair amount of time standing your feet will hurt. And your hip and knee joints will stress out. These desk mats are awesome releasing such stress. Any brand will work.

Editor + Terminal

  • VS Code

    I was an Atom fanboy. Mostly because it was plug-and-play software. Unlike Sublime. VS Code is Atom on steroids. Plus, since it's based on TypeScript the support for such language is the best in town.

  • Hyper

    There are many terminals out there. But this one is TypeScript-based.

  • Fish shell

    The terminal is nice. But did you ever try to play with shells? This is the real deal. Fish is out of this world.

  • Tech stack

    What do I use for coding? My tools of choice? Favourite libraries? I have a special page for that. Enjoy it.

  • SynthWave '84 theme

    Of course! What do you think? It's the freaking best theme EVER. Period. That's it. It matches my vapor/retro/aesthetic style.

  • Menlo font (Bitstream Vera)

    Nicely put monospace font that comes with the MacBook. What else? Always favour the standards. If you're an Open-Sourcerer you might wanna try Bitstream Vera. Menlo is based on that one.

  • Brave Browser

    Best UX. But most importantly and subtle. As a developer, this browser is key to understand if your analytics system will break your web. And this will happen. Believe me.

  • dotfiles

    All my cool configs. Steal everything you want. My alias are legendary.

Desktop Apps

  • eqMac equalizer

    How come Apple does not include this by default? The missing audio setting. Huge kudos to the maintainers. These suit bass drops are extra juicy now.

  • Dropbox Paper

    Notion is great but has 2 flaws. My small brain cannot handle all the different options. Copy and pasting, like, come on, it's the 101 of note-taking. Don't get me wrong. Notion is nice, a solid second place. But Paper is just perfectly balanced.

  • Avast Password

    I know it's weird. I don't know anyone else using this. But it has everything I need for free. Multiple devices, cross-platform with nice desktop and app support, notes and cards, top-notch autofill.

  • 1clipboard

    I cannot life without this. Are you ok sharing your clipboard with Apple? I'm not. Long-life to the OSS!

  • Gifski

    Because stupid GitHub doesn't allow mp4/avi/mov videos in their platform. Neither they can resize a gif for you. It's just... I can't. Thanks Sindre.

  • Kap

    Record anything on your screen. Outstanding UX. Again, how is this not part of macOS? Again, thank you Sindre.

  • Sketch

    Brilliant piece of software. When I discovered Sketch designing felt funny again. All my assets are powered by Sketch.