Rubén Sospedra

ful- stckgi

This is Rubén Sospedra, a full-stack engineer from Barcelona. After graduating in Political Science I took a radical shift in my career and started a remote software internship. I have been interested in computers and automation since I was a kid and I'm a lifelong learner. For the past 7 years I have focused on helping companies grow their products.

I founded a remote startup, collaborated with big and small companies, built internal tools. Continuously, I contribute to open source, speak at conferences, teach others and write articles. After this exciting journey I consolidated my most basic principle: deliver the best in the fastest way. It's a balance.

If you want to know more about me. Let's chat, read my user-guide manual, or sneak on what I use to work.

Aesthetic neon bustAn animated vaporwave bust neon-styled.


Independent contractor
Self-employed, Oct 2019 ▸ present

Work with multiple startups around the globe. Build green fields projects that helps towards the key metrics. Lead performance projects where we move from a TTI of 6s to 1.2s. Create new software modules that elevate the quality of the solution, increasing maintenance and delivery speed.

Lead software engineer
FreeNOW, Mar 2018 ▸ Oct 2019

Develop internal tools that allows the company to grow 10x. Design, architect and implement a new driver registration that cuts costs to half and increases engagement. Empower teams to be autonomous and encourage them to take decisions.

Co-founder & CTO
Huballin, Dec 2013 ▸ Jan 2016

Build a whole company from scratch. Learn the true meaning of agile: ship fast, get feedback and iterate. Hire and mentor a full team of talented people. Define and spread the overall culture and company values. Envision, coordinate and develop the functional architecture.