Gallery of my featured projects

  • the stack

    A curated list of the best high-quality up-to-date technologies of 2021

  • user guide manual

    How to work with Rubén Sospedra. A manual of instructions. What I value, how I look at problems, what are my blind spots, and how to build trust with me.

  • uses

    The specifics of the piece of software and hardware I use every day. Highly opinionated.

  • serve assets

    List of all the public-available static assets

  • rewrites

    Personal links that I share often

  • wait wat?

  • rfm

    Track OSS requests for maintainers. Find any project calling for collaborators.

  • reinput

    A React Native TextInput with material style 😎

  • spg

    Secure passwords that humans can read 🗝
    Generate passwords that are semantically correct. The passwords are more secure the longer they are. They don't need symbols or special characters at all. We end up using cryptic passwords that are impossible to type. This generator uses NLP technology to create semantically meaningful passwords.

  • which key code

    Which keys map to what keyboard code?